Olivier is a charismatic and effective teacher, capable of inspiring his clients individually, even in a group situation.

Franco-Canadian, Olivier is bilingual. He has been teaching since 1983, in the Pyrenees and then the Alps. He does his utmost to ensure you are at ease and enjoying your skiing, while encouraging you gently to surpass yourself.

Enjoyment knows no limit of age or technical capacity!



Jean Santé, Olivier’s grandfather, was the first to climb one of the demanding Pointes du Pic du Midi d’Ossau in 1929. It was named in his honour.

François Santé, Olivier’s father, was a climber and racing driver, but skiing was his passion. He taught in the Pyrenees, the Alps and Quebec.

Olivier started young! Pictured here at 2 years old in “Le Sud-Ouest”, in 1966: “Decouvrez ici… le plus jeune directeur technique: Olivier Santé (2 ans)”, and in the “Daily Mail Ski Magazine”, as a model of technique in the early 1990s!